Is Your Missional Community Meeting Hospitable?

As the a missional community leader you don’t have to do everything during the meeting night, but you need to make sure the pieces are in place for the meeting to be extremely hospitable. This is huge because the meeting night is going to model hospitality for your people, and extend it to those who are visiting.  The following is a list of questions we have our missional community leaders think through with their core team about displaying hospitality in their meeting night.
  • Is the home you are meeting in providing a clean and welcoming space for people to meet in? 
  • Are your people seeing the MC meal as an opportunity to lavish grace on each other by bringing their best, or are they looking to find the easiest thing they can signup to bring? 
  • Is your core team greeting people with you, and making sure that any visitor is greeted at the door and warmly welcomed into the home?
  • Are you being respectful of your guests time and following the agenda you set for the night? 
  • Are you being considerate of children and creating a space for them to be cared for when the adults need space for discussion? 
  • Are you considerate of guests making sure to explain different parts of the meeting night and introducing them to the group? 
  • Are you leading the group to help cleanup after the meeting (family helps with the dishes)? 
  • Are you being sensitive to the Spirit’s leading and flexible enough to adapt to the needs that might arise during a MC meeting?
  • Are you we praying together as needs arise (not just saying we will pray later but going to the Father in our time of need)?
  • Are people being walked out to the door? If they are a guest they should also be followed up with by multiple people on the core team. This means you should get their number/email and make sure they are followed up with.

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