Missional Community Health: 5 Critical Questions

As we are leading people on Jesus’ mission of making disciples it is always important to stop and reflect to make sure that we are being a healthy family. Below are five questions that we have found helpful when reflecting on our MCs.

  • Do we have a clearly defined mission for making disciples and are we asking the Spirit to lead us forward in this mission? If not we will end up producing dependents not disciples and never obeying what God has called us to do. A lack of focus leads to frustration. Others in the group will recognize that the group is just “spinning it’s wheels” and making no missional traction.
  • Do our values reflect the kingdom of God or our culture of choice (Are we showing people a true picture of God or living as hypocrits)? If not our true values will discredit our message. A lack of  holiness leads to distrust from people we are trying to reach.
  • Are we intentionally laboring to develop new relationships and integrate new friends into the life of our community? If not we will become inwardly focused. Our mission will become making Christians feel comfortable rather than making disciples. A lack of developing new relationships leads to complacency.
  • Are we slowing down to thoughtfully care for one another with the grace (speaking and serving) we have been given? If not we will eventually burn out and grow cold towards one another. A lack of care leads to division and isolation.
  • Are we being regularly shaped by the full council of God’s word personally and communally? If not we will end up being shaped by the lies we are hearing in the culture. A lack of hearing the word leads to confusion and discouragement.

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