5 Ways Missional Communities Can Value Sundays

Last week Nate Navarro posted (read it here) giving us three things not to do when leading a missional community. One of the things Nate pointed out was that we should not de-value Sundays. Here is a follow up to that giving practical ways missional communities can value Sunday gatherings.

1. Prayerfully approach Sundays

Develop a rhythm of praying for the Spirit to work in powerful ways during corporate worship. Show up early to pray, pray before you go to bed Saturday night, pray in the car on your way. Pray big prayers! Use text messaging to remind those in your MC to pray.

2. Take ownership of a specific area of the gathering

This means you must cast vision to the people in your missional community. Help them identify areas of the gathering where they can best use their gifts. Maybe this means owning set-up, tear down, greeting, media, or organizing lunches/dinners afterward.

3. Be connectors

Challenge everyone in your missional community to arrive 10 minutes early to connect with guests. This doesn’t mean show up early and talk to one-another only. Show up early and welcome guests to join your conversations. Get their information, learn their story, follow up with an email, and invite them into the life of the missional community. Your pastors and staff will also be blessed and encouraged by this.

4. Be Learners

Don’t just show up and casually sing and listen. Engage eager to learn and hear from God. Commit to bringing a pen and journal every week. Develop the habit of taking notes and writing down words from God. Reflect on and share what you are learning with others.

5. Respond to God together

Take communion and/or pray together as a family in response to the sermon each week. This will be a beautiful picture of the unified body to others in your church, as well as to guests and nonbelievers.

Which of these 5 things can your missional community implement this week? Discuss this with your MC and make an action plan. Value sundays! Corporate worship is a grace to the church and a catalyst for mission.

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