Missional Community Leader Resource Kit– This packet contains basic information for MC leaders including: Defining MCs, Practices of MCs, Starting MCs, etc…
MC Leader Resource Kit

Becoming a Disciple– This 6 week study is helpful to take a missional community to the scriptures to see what it means to be a disciple of Christ. It explores the Gospel message preached by the Apostles, the proper response to the gospel (repentance, baptism, and the call to be taught), and the distinctive way of life of disciples of Jesus.  This resource is great for a MC with new Christians or non-believers.
Becoming A Disicple – Study Guide | Becoming A Disciple – Reader

Starting a Missional Community– as I’ve planted and coached missional communities I’ve learned that first 3-6 months are the most critical. Knowing what to do in the first 3 months and what obstacles to watch out for can really help a MC launch with clear vision and healthy team dynamics.
The First 3 Months | Obstacles for MC Leaders

Resources For Life on Mission

What is Mission
Ancient Work
Reactive & Proactive
Seasons of Mission
Prayer Walking Guide

Resources on MC Health & Coaching

What is Coaching?
Mistakes to Avoid When Coaching
MC Leader Personal Eval
5 Things You Are Hoping For
6 Types of People in Your MC & How to Lead Them
MC Health Questions
MC Growth Metrics

Resources on Practices of MC

Biblical Vision for MCs
The 5 Components of a Missional Community
Personal Discipleship Plans
Tips and Ideas for the Family Meal
Resources for Rhythms
Practical Examples of Rhythms
Praying with Your MC
Practical Ways to Engage Your Neighbors
3 Tips for Neighborhood Mission
Practical Ways to Bless Your Workplace